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Go Mayan Bird Tour

During this 9 day tour, you´ll know that a country like Honduras, not only has an ecological wealth, but also historical and archaeological, come and enjoy a pleasant birding, while you know the most exquisite pre-Hispanic civilizations of the region as they are Maya, Lenca civilizations.

Go Make your own Bird Tour

GO MAKE YOUR OWN BIRD TOUR Want to delve into the depths of the country, or only those on a short visit, if you want to explore a specific territory or seek a particular species, or have a long stay and cover the largest number of species in the country over a wide area. We…

Go Extreme Moskitia Bird Tour

GO EXTREME MOSKITIA BIRD TOUR Meet the 2nd most important biological and cultural reserve of America. During the tour we will observe birds of a very restricted distribution and ecological, archaeological and cultural heritage, La Mosquitia is a World Heritage you can´t miss.

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