Go Make your own Bird Tour


Want to delve into the depths of the country, or only those on a short visit, if you want to explore a specific territory or seek a particular species, or have a long stay and cover the largest number of species in the country over a wide area.

We offer guided tour to your needs, no minimum limit of participants, and sole purpose of satisfying your need.


2 thoughts on “Go Make your own Bird Tour

  1. My wife and I are interested in visiting Tell and exploring that area with a focus on birding. I have contacted Garifuna Tours and what they offer sounds fun but I think we would be disappointed somewhat since their guides are not really knowledgeable about the birds. I am sure they can point some out to us but am not so sure they could identify all of them with their English names or help us remember and record what we saw at the end of the day. Do you guide in that area or know of anyone who does that is serious and knowledgeable about the birds?

    We spent 7 great days birding around the Lake Yojoa area in February of this year and hope to see another area of Honduras in 2019. In the Tela area we hope to do a bit of hiking, relaxing on the beach, kayaking in the mangroves, visit Lancetilla Botanical Gardens, Pico Bonito, Rio Santiago etc.


    1. Hi Mr. Carlson

      Sorry for delay, I’m currently out of the country, have been really difficult the acces of the internet, I perfectly make your birding experience possible, we have a special Rainforest bird tour that cover all the north coast of the country, please let me arrive to another place and I will send to you a full information about the tour that we offer.

      Kind regards

      Angel Fong


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