Birding In Honduras

Birding in Honduras

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Hello everyone, my name is Angel Fong, I am currently an avid bird watcher, activity in which I have been immersed deeply during the last 4 years, which has transformed my life completely, giving a 180° degree turn, just think about this for a moment; I am an accountant, credit analyst with a career of more than 9 years in this area, I decide to observe birds, and in an unexpected turn of events, one thing leads to another so much so that after a while I get to make the decision to professionalize and start my own business in this beautiful world, the world of birds.

If someone had asked me about bird watching 5 years ago, or become a specialized guide in Birdwatching and receive other birdwatchers from different parts of the world and take them to observe the exceptional species of birds we have, I would surely have answered “what is that”, “I do not think I could dedicate my life to that”, but like everything in this life, strangers are the designs of destiny, and the encounter with my beautiful feathered companions, this great change is now shown to me as an inevitable fact that should happen in my life.

This path has taken me through paths never before explored in my person, new friendships, different and wonderful opportunities and new challenges that have served me as personal growth and, even more, it has helped me to help others, since by observing, appreciating and protecting our natural beauty can not only help improve our quality of life, but also improve the lives of people who are in our direct environment.

That is why we embark on this new path, where we will propose the task of sharing the experience of birding in Honduras, from a different perspective to those known in the current field, I do not intend to give a chair of bird watching, but rather give my own perspective based on my experiences and share the rather basic knowledge that I have of this vast subject that is the Honduran birdlife, that belongs to us and that I hope every reader can appreciate when reading these words.

Well, the road is laid out, ready and served, and I hope to share the adventures of this humble Honduran birder, in search of the most beautiful and interesting species of birds we have.

I say goodbye for the moment coining a phrase that a great friend and great companion of adventures, my dear friend Gilberto Flores-Walter always uses.
Bird on !!!

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